Member Login

If this is not your first time accessing the HHC website and you need assistance with resetting your password, please use the Forget Password link. You will need to know your username and email address listed in your profile to use this automated service. If you do not know your login credentials or have difficulty logging in, please contact Alan Ellis at

If this your first time accessing the HHC website, you will initially use your 5-digit Member Number for both the username AND password. Once you’ve logged in successfully, you will be prompted to change your password. You MUST change your password and it cannot be your member number. The new password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least one upper and one lower case letter and a number (no special characters are required).

Primary Member:
Username = Your 5-digit Member Number, which may contain leading zeros (e.g., 0123A or 0012B)

Username = Member Number + 1 (e.g., 123A1)

Username = Member Number + 2, 3, etc. (e.g., 123A2, 123A3, etc.)

Password for FIRST TIME access = The Member Number combination as stated above

(NOTE: you will be prompted to change this password after successfully logging in for the 1st time. The new password cannot be your member number)