Library Room (main level)

With the working fireplace this room is perfect for small intimate gathers whether business or social.

Size: Approximately 17'X 32'-544 square feet


Conference style: 20
Round table: 24-30
Reception: 40

Masters Room (main level)

The Masters Room with its sister Wimbledon Room overlooks the 18th green. The room can be blacked out for video productions. The two rooms are divided with a floor to ceiling solid portable folding wall.

Size: Approximately 20'X30'-600 square feet


Conference style: 30
Round table: 32
Reception: 50

Wimbledon Room (main level)

The Wimbledon Room is the sister room to the Masters Room.

Size: Approximately 20'X30'-600 square feet


Conference style: 30
Round table: 32
Reception: 50

Masters & Wimbledon Room (main level)

These rooms can be used separately, one for meeting and one for eating or opened up into a large single room.

Size: Approximately 40'X30'-1200 square feet


Conference style: 60
Round table: 80
Reception: 100

The Main Dining Room (main level)

This long window lined room takes full advantage of a panoramic view of the Happy Hollow Club golf course. The room is terraced, giving it a sunken dining area affect. The combination of plush seating, elegant atmosphere and a tremendous view indicate entertaining on the finer side. The upper terrace is often used for pre-meal cocktail receptions with the lower level being set for formal dining.

Size: Approximately 70'X30'-2100 square feet


Table dining: 40-80
Reception: 50-125

Ballroom 'A' (main level)

Off of the front lobby, this room is a partitioned portion of the Ballroom and features a grand mantled fireplace.

Size: Approximately 26'X38'-988 square feet


Conference style: 50
Round table: 60
Reception: 125 with lobby

Ballroom 'B' (main level)

This is a large room with a built in dance floor (carpeted when not needed) and a separate area for a band or other entertainment.

Size: Approximately 52'X38' plus speakers alcove of 26'X12'-2288 total square feet


Conference style: 100
Round table: 120-150
Reception: 200

Ballroom (main level)

The complete Ballroom with the Ballroom A-B dividing wall tucked away. An elegant room, with fireplace/mantle at the entry and towering columns on the opposite end.

Size: Approximately 38'X78' plus speakers alcove of 26'X12'-3276 square feet


Conference style: 200
Round table: 150-230
Reception: 200-300
Theater style: 400

Starlight Grille (main level)

This room is only available for Saturday breakfast/ lunch or anytime on Mondays. Cherry wood walls, huge fireplace and cathedral ceilings with chandeliers highlight the room.

Size: Approximately 40'X48'-1920 square feet


Conference style: Not Available
Table Dining: 120
Reception: 100-200

Front of Club

The Club caters to many very large groups that require a combination of our spaces. By combining the Front Lobby, Ballroom, Main Lounge and Main Dining Room we are quite flexible in the number of guests that can be accommodated. For seated dinners and occasions where a speaker needs to be seen from various locations arrangements can be made to have them projected onto a large screen for guests seated in another room.


Conference style: Not Available
Table Dining: 400
Reception: 500

The Wine Cellar

The Club's wine collection, housed in this room, has been centralized, organized and put on display. The room itself has been as carefully crafted as its contents. The wine racks, as well as the wine lockers, were all constructed here by our staff. The Wine Cellar can be booked for private meetings and dinners for groups from two to 12 people.

Capacity: 12


Dance Floor
Colored Floor Length Linen and Napkins
Ivory Upholstered Banquet Chairs
Required Valet Service
Customized Ice Carvings
Coat Room Attendant
Fax Machine
Xerox Machine
Speaker Phone
Sound System with Lavaliere Microphone
Back Ground Music Available
Internet Accessibility
Flip Chart & Markers
Conference Call
Large (Floor to Ceiling Screen)
8' x 8' Screen
LCD Projector
Camera System
Computer (Available For LCD Projector)